Ti Top Beach: A Jewel in Vietnam's Coastal Crown

Ti Top Beach: A Jewel in Vietnam's Coastal Crown
Elly Huynh
Ti Top Beach: A Jewel in Vietnam's Coastal Crown

Unveiling the allure of Vietnam's coastal wonders, Lonely Planet, the esteemed Australian magazine, has bestowed Ti Top beach in the UNESCO heritage site of Ha Long Bay with the prestigious title of one of the "100 Best Beaches in the World."

Ti Top Beach

Standing as the sole representative from Vietnam on this illustrious list, Ti Top Beach emerges as a crescent moon-shaped oasis, nestled about 14 kilometers east of the Bai Chay tourist area, with azure sea waters that define its enchanting beauty.

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Named after Russian cosmonaut Gherman Titov, who marveled at Ha Long Bay on his inaugural visit in 1962, Ti Top Island offers more than just a pristine beach. A small path in the heart of the island leads to Ti Top Peak, a captivating ascent featuring over 400 stone steps. As visitors ascend, the stone steps become steeper, culminating in a rewarding journey that takes about 20 minutes. At the summit, a breathtaking panorama of Ha Long Bay unfolds, showcasing limestone karst mountains rising majestically from the water.

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Ti Top Beach

In a list that spanned the globe, Ti Top Beach stood out as Vietnam's treasure, representing a coastal haven where natural beauty and adventure converge. This accolade cements Vietnam's position on the world stage, offering travelers an invitation to explore the unparalleled charm of Ti Top Beach and the coastal wonders that grace the shores of this captivating nation.

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