Ha Long Bay & Sa Pa: 2024's Top Trending Destinations

Ha Long Bay & Sa Pa: 2024's Top Trending Destinations
Elly Huynh
Ha Long Bay & Sa Pa: 2024's Top Trending Destinations

In a resounding victory, Ha Long Bay and the enchanting town of Sa Pa in northern Vietnam have emerged as global gems, securing places among the world's 25 top trending destinations for the year 2024, as voted by readers on the renowned U.S. travel site Tripadvisor.

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO heritage site located just two hours east of Hanoi, claimed an impressive third position on the list. Renowned for its breathtaking limestone islands, rock formations, and mystical caves, Ha Long Bay captivates visitors with a timeless beauty sculpted over centuries by the forces of wind and water. Tripadvisor recommends exploring this natural wonder by renting a junk boat to cruise through the myriad of vegetation-covered islands and towering limestone cliffs. The most ideal times to witness the magic are between March and April, and from September to November.

Ha Long Bay - top trending destinations
Foreign tourists take a boat tour in Ha Long Bay, northern Vietnam. Photo courtesy of Lux Cruises

Sa Pa, nestled approximately 300 kilometers from Hanoi, secured a well-deserved fifth place on this prestigious list. Revered for its year-round cool climate, mesmerizing rice-terraced fields, and vibrant ethnic minority communities, Sa Pa stands as a colorful and charming oasis amidst the rugged beauty of the northern highlands. Tripadvisor suggests visiting the Gothic stone church at the town's heart, a testament to French missionary influence, experiencing the Saturday night "love market," and savoring European-inspired cuisine.

Sapa - top trending destinations
People harvest tea on hills dotted with blooming cherry blossom trees in Sa Pa. Photo by Vinh Dav

This recognition further elevates Vietnam's status on the global travel map, as the awards are calculated based on the quality and quantity of reviews from travelers worldwide on Tripadvisor between October 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023. Ha Long Bay and Sa Pa join the ranks of the world's top trending destinations, marking Vietnam as a must-visit destination for discerning travelers seeking awe-inspiring landscapes and rich cultural experiences.

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