Hoi An Travel Guide - All you need to know

Hoi An Travel Guide - All you need to know
Tracy Dinh
Hoi An Travel Guide - All you need to know

Unveil appealing Hoi An - one of the most charming towns in central of the country which is a favorite destination in our Vietnam Travel Guide. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that provides stunning architecture, vibrant culture, and tantalizing cuisine. Here is an inspiring Hoi An travel guide by Vietravel – Vietnam's Largest Aviation & Tourism Corporation will be your experienced compansion to explore this unique heritage site.

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I. When is the best time to visit Hoi An? - Hoi An travel guide

Get ready for a journey to Hoi An, where you will behold the bewitching fusion of splendid nature and time essence. The best time to bask in the gentle embrace of Hoi An's is the dry season with mild temperatures and minimal rainfall, setting the stage for elegant adventures. Let's explore this glamorous town from February to April.

Moreover, immerse yourself in the energetic hues of the antique town at night during the full moon, when the streets come alive with spellbinding lanterns. But, Hoi An doesn't stop there, as May arrives, the town blossoms with warmth, unveiling a tapestry of flourishing colors and scents that awaken your senses.

From September to January, Hoi An's rainy season reveals a tranquil ambiance, offering peaceful moments and budget-friendly deals for adventurous explorers. The annual flood season, occurring between September and November may bring challenges and inconveniences to this cultural gem. However, intrepid travelers find it an exhilarating opportunity to experience the old town from a one-of-a-kind perspective. Therefore don't let the rainy season deter you!

Choose your preferred time and let Hoi An's captivating charm appeal to you, as you uncover the secrets of this timeless destination.

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II. Where are the best places to visit in Hoi An?

Now, let's step into the kingdom of timeless beauty in Hoi An, where history comes alive in the narrow alleyways of the Ancient Town. You will be amazed by the medieval wooden structures that whisper tales of the past. Getting lost in the appealing streets of Hoi An will be an unforgettable experience for you. For more ideas on places to visit in one of Vietnam's oldest cities, let your journey begin with our comprehensive Hoi An travel guide.

1. Hoi An Ancient Town

Firstly, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this enchanting Ancient Town unveils a tapestry of historic houses, pagodas, and preserved shophouses adorned with delicate paper lanterns. As twilight descends, the town transforms into a surreal dreamscape, as illuminated lanterns dance with the lively rhythm of bustling streets. While a nominal fee (VND 150,000 approximately US$6) grants admission to five esteemed attractions such as the well-known Japanese Bridge and the majestic Phuoc Kien Assembly Hall.

Hoi An Ancient Town
Hoi An Ancient Town

2. Fujian Assembly Hall

Then, step into the enchanting world of Fujian Assembly Hall, a mesmerizing complex that has evolved from a pagoda to an iconic gathering place. Serving as a cultural hub for the Fujian State, it showcases colorful dragons and intricate statues, creating a mesmerizing mixture of art and spirituality.

Fujian Assembly Hall - Hoi An travel guide
Fujian Assembly Hall - Hoi An travel guide

3. Japanese Covered Bridge

Dating back to the late 16th century, the renowned Japan Bridge stands as a recognizable symbol of

Hoi An. Its distinctive roof showcases intricate designs that seamlessly blend Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, and Western architectural influences, epitomizing the harmonious blend of cultures.

Japanese Covered Bridge - Hoi An travel guide
Japanese Covered Bridge - Hoi An travel guide

4. Old House Of Tan Ky

The legacy of Tan Ky houses continues to enchant visitors with its exquisite architecture. Constructed using traditional materials and skillfully crafted by local artisans, these houses exude an undeniable charm, elegance, and a warm atmosphere that harmonizes perfectly with the architectural tapestry of the area.

5. Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Furthermore, during the prosperous 16th and 17th centuries, Thanh Ha Village flourished as a hub of creativity, celebrated for its exceptional ceramic and terracotta craftsmanship. Today, this historic pottery center remains dynamic, unveiling a breathtaking collection of intricately designed utensils and vessels. Each piece showcases a harmonious integration of diverse patterns and vivid colors.

6. Bay Mau Palm Forest

Bay Mau Palm Forest
Bay Mau Palm Forest

Besides, hidden within the serene Cam Thanh Commune, just 5km east of Hoi An, lies the captivating Bay Mau Palm Forest. This lush sanctuary unveils the majestic beauty of the palm realm, embodying Hoi An's very own ecological heaven. Immerse yourself in its awe-inspiring sunsets, flourishing flora, and lively fauna.

7. My Son Sanctuary

But the wonders of Hoi An don't end there – far from it. Lastly, delve into the mystical kingdom of My Son, an ethereal testament to the ancient Kingdom of Champa, stand the remnants of over 70 resplendent Hindu temples and tombs. Experience the awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site, where spirituality and grandeur converge. Admission opens the gates to wonderful discovery, as you embark on a journey through time for 150,000 VND (approximately US$6).

My Son Sanctuary
My Son Sanctuary - Hoi An travel guide

After all, with a variety of options to choose from unlock the treasures of our Hoi An travel guide. From exploring the rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks to immersing yourself in the breathtaking beauty of scenic attractions, our meticulously crafted itineraries ensure a memorable experience. With Vietravel as your faithful companion, pack your bags, unleash your wanderlust, and embrace the opportunity to book your extraordinary Hoi An day trip here. Unlock the timeless town will leave you an indelible mark.

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III. How to travel to Hoi An?

Getting to this living heritage is simpler than you might anticipate. Here's everything on Vietravel’s Hoi An travel guide that you need to know to get here and begin your memorable excursion.

1. By Air

First, traveling to Hoi An by air offers a seamless and efficient choice for adventurers seeking to explore this enchanting destination.

The convenience of Da Nang Airport, located just 30 kilometers away, allows for a picturesque 45-minute car ride that unravels the region's scenic beauty. Vietravel Airlines provides an excellent option for booking flights from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang, assuring top-notch services.

Vietravel Airlines
Vietravel Airlines

Although Hoi An lacks its own airport, fear not – the allure of this captivating city beckons travelers to embark on a transformative trip. For an alternative route, Chu Lai Airport presents itself as a gateway to Quang Nam Province, offering a scenic 80 km journey to this marvelous ancient town. Whether flying directly to Da Nang or exploring the charms of Chu Lai, Hoi An awaits, ready to captivate you with its fascinating history, rich heritage, and breathtaking beauty.

2. By Train

Second, if you're a traveler who relishes in the joy of slow-paced exploration, then rail travel is your ticket to an affordable and leisurely option. With numerous trains connecting the North and South, including a stop at the dynamic Da Nang. The closest to the ancient gem is Da Nang train station, which is 30 kilometers away from Hoi An. Check train routes and easily book online through Vietnam Railway's website here. Upon arrival at Da Nang Railway Station, arrange a taxi or private transfer of Vietravel to Hoi An, ensuring a smooth transition and cost-effective transfer.

3. By Vietravel’s private car/bus or taxis

As well as, a delightful and budget-friendly choice by choosing Vietravel's private transfer/ taxi journey to Hoi An from Da Nang Airport, Chu Lai Airport, or Da Nang Railway Station. Indulge in the ease and efficiency of Vietravel's private car or bus services, assuring a comfortable and personalized travel experience that caters to your preferences and guarantees a seamless arrival in the charming town of Hoi An.

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IV. How to get around Hoi An?

Navigate in Hoi An is a breeze, thanks to its intimate scale, pedestrian-friendly paths, and affordable public transport options. You can easily wander the well-preserved architectural wonders by foot, bicycle, cyclo, or even a convenient taxi or private car. From breathtaking attractions to eateries and bustling shops, everything is within easy reach. For a hassle-free vacation, consult our comprehensive Hoi An travel guide for valuable tips and insights.

1. Walking/ Bicycle

Firstly, embrace the rustic and peaceful ambiance of this small town, where strolling is the ideal way to indulge yourself in the authentic local culture. Rent a bicycle or go on foot to explore the nearby attractions, ensuring a leisurely and unforgettable experience in this romantic town.

2. Cyclo

Next, it will be an effortless adventure as you hop on a cyclo, a unique mode of transportation. For just VND 30,000, indulge in an alluring cyclo tour from the town center to scenic paddy rice fields, a picturesque fishing village, and the majestic Bamboo Bridge. Before setting off, negotiate the fare with the driver and enjoy the company of up to 2 passengers.

3. Vietravel's private car/bus

Additionally, for further destinations such as the mystical My Son Sanctuary or the ethereal Ba Na Hills with personalized journeys, consider Vietravel's private car/ bus. Let our experienced drivers and knowledgeable guides take you to the hidden gems and iconic landmarks of the town, guaranteeing an immersive exploration of Central Vietnam's heritage.

Vietravel's private car/bus
Vietravel's private car/bus

V. What to eat in Hoi An?

Are you wondering what to eat during your first visit to this colorful “City of Lanterns”? Read on to discover must-eat Hoi An food favorites with the guidance of our Hoi An travel guide and capture the essence of gastronomy here.

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1. Cao Lau

Firstly, indulge in the enigmatic delight of Cao Lau, Hoi An's renowned street food masterpiece. Owning its secret recipe, this mouthwatering dish features resilient noodles infused with calcium-rich water, succulent pork, and fresh herbs. For an authentic Cao Lau experience, head to Cao Lau Thanh eatery at No. 26 Thai Phien Street, Hoi An, where culinary perfection awaits.

2. Banh Mi

Secondly, prepare to be blown away by the enchantment of Hoi An's Banh Mi, where a humble baguette blossoms into a tantalizing masterpiece. Crisp and golden, it cradles a symphony of succulent meats, vibrant vegetables, and savory flavors. Try the renowned Banh Mi Phuong and The Banh Mi Queen for an authentic culinary experience.

Banh mi Hoi An
Banh mi Hoi An. Photo by @ Capture ItOnce

3. Banh Bao – Banh Vac

Thirdly, savor the exquisite Banh Bao Banh Vac, known as the White Rose Dumpling. Delicate rice flour skin envelops a flavorful filling of minced shrimp and pork, crowned with crispy fried shallots. A must-try delicacy in Hoi An's vibrant culinary scene. For the best dumplings, visit Bong Hong Trang (White Rose) on Nhi Trung Street, where you can witness the creation of this signature dish.

Banh Bao – Banh Vac Hoi An
Banh Bao – Banh Vac. Photo by @yumi yamaguchi

4. Mi Quang

Besides, discover the regal allure of Mi Quang, the crowned jewel of noodles in Hoi An. Indulge in the alluring flavors, where each bowl is a masterpiece adorned with fascinating orange shrimp, delicate quail eggs, succulent pork belly, and aromatic herbs. A culinary journey to Mi Quang 92, nestled at 112 Tran Cao Van Street, where the true essence of this gastronomic gem awaits.

My Quang. Photo by @ Kirk K
My Quang. Photo by @ Kirk K

5. Herbal Tea – Mot Hoi An

Finally, quench your thirst with the delectable herbal tea in Hoi An. Prepared from a blend of fragrant herbs, lemongrass, and zesty lemon, this trendy traditional beverage is served with a bamboo straw. Enjoy a rejuvenating sip that revitalizes after a day of exploring mesmerizing Hoi An Ancient Town. Don't miss the renowned MOT stall, where locals and visitors alike gather, eagerly awaiting their takeaway cup of this refreshing herbal tea. 

These mentioned above are just a few of a multitude of tantalizing dishes that our Hoi An travel guide offers. Lastly, for those seeking assistance in crafting a remarkable journey to Hoi An, we invite you to explore our fascinating Central Vietnam tour, a valuable resource to enhance your travel planning here. Delve into the details and kickstart an extraordinary adventure.

VI. Conclusion

All in all, don't let apprehension hold you back from exploring the dazzling city of lanterns and unique architecture. With our extensive Hoi An travel guide, all you need is a local companion to embrace the serene ambiance. Vietravel offers perfect companionship, knowledgeable tour guides, top-notch transportation, and thoughtfully crafted itineraries to ensure that your trip is a truly memorable experience. Thanks for reading and have an amazing time in Hoi An!

As the Largest Aviation-Tourism corporation in the country, Vietravel consistently provides high-standard services at the most competitive prices so that you can discover the beauty of not only Vietnam but all of Southeast Asia. 

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