Tào Phớ: The Sweet Gift of Vietnamese Youth

Tào Phớ: The Sweet Gift of Vietnamese Youth
Elly Huynh
Tào Phớ: The Sweet Gift of Vietnamese Youth

Though a simple street food, Hoi An's Tào Phớ has captured the hearts of many diners. This humble yet flavorful dish embodies the essence of childhood, preserving a piece of the Old Quarter's soul. Tào Phớ contributes to the rustic, simple, yet sophisticated culinary charm of Hoi An.

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Tào Phớ in Vietnamese Daily Life

Strolling through the narrow alleys of Hoi An, the familiar cry of street vendors echoes, taking one back to a distant realm of memories. For many locals in Hoi An, Tào Phớ is akin to an indispensable childhood treat. As the afternoon sun dips and hunger sets in, the distant call of "tào phớ đây, tào phớ đây" (the sound of people selling tofu) resounds, evoking a flood of memories from a tranquil land.

Tàu Phớ - delicious Vietnamese dessert
Tào Phớ vendor in the childhood memories of millions of Vietnamese people

As a renowned Vietnamese and Asian comfort food, Tào Phớ offers a soothing, sweet experience for diners. Crafted from finely ground soybeans, this dish is the top choice for those seeking a refreshing and wholesome taste. Adding a few ice cubes transforms it into a cool and delightful treat, perfect for beating the summer heat.

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Being a national snack present throughout all three regions of Vietnam, each locality has its own name and unique way of enjoying Tào Phớ. While Northerners prefer it warm, those in the Central Region often spice it up with a hint of ginger, and Southerners love to pair it with various exquisite toppings.

Tàu Phớ - delicious Vietnamese dessert
Photo by wanderlusttips.asia

Today, across all regions, the way Tào Phớ is enjoyed has evolved to suit the diverse culinary preferences of diners. Nevertheless, at any store, you can still savor this classic dish in its original form, paired with sugar syrup and ice cubes.

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Hoi An's Tào Phớ

In the small town of Quang Nam – Hoi An, visitors are bound to be impressed by the inviting calls to taste the Tào Phớ offered by the street vendors. At first glance, this dish may seem similar to jasmine-flavored soy milk or coconut-infused soy milk in Saigon. However, discerning palates will quickly detect the distinctive difference in flavors across regions.

Tàu Phớ - delicious Vietnamese dessert
Tàu Phớ vendors in Hoi An are always crowed. Photo by wanderlusttips.asia.

Hoi An's Tào Phớ seems to harmoniously blend elements of both the Northern and Southern styles. The soybeans are finely ground and delicately light, while the sugar syrup strikes the perfect balance of sweetness and fragrance. The hot afternoons or cool evenings become the ideal times for travelers to savor this dish.

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Tàu Phớ - delicious Vietnamese dessert

Amidst the serene pace of Hoi An's streets, relishing a bowl of Trung's Tào Phớ with the bold taste of Central Vietnam, while observing the slow stream of tourists passing by, is undoubtedly a wonderful experience. It is a flavorful journey that anyone visiting Hoi An should not miss.

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