Discover the Secret Oasis: United Bar in Da Nang Unveils Its Hidden Charms

Discover the Secret Oasis: United Bar in Da Nang Unveils Its Hidden Charms
Elly Huynh
Discover the Secret Oasis: United Bar in Da Nang Unveils Its Hidden Charms

Da Nang, a city known for its dynamic energy, harbors a delightful secret amidst its bustling streets—a bar cleverly concealed behind the facade of a traditional Vietnamese Banh Mi stall. The intriguingly named United Bar, situated on Nguyen Chi Thanh Street, has been capturing the attention of both local and international tourists with its unique and inventive design.

United Bar -  Da Nang
The unique entrance design is disguised as a Vietnamese Banh Mi street stall. Photo by United Bar.

The Banh Mi counter, which cleverly disguises the entrance, unfolds to reveal a distinct space that evokes surprise and curiosity among first-time visitors. This tucked-away gem is not merely a spot for refreshments; it is an experience waiting to be unveiled.

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United Bar - Da Nang

Upon stepping behind the Banh Mi counter, guests are welcomed by warm lighting and an alluring melody, creating an ambiance that sharply contrasts with the usual vivacity found in typical bars. With a limited number of tables, the venue offers an intimate setting, perfect for those seeking a private space to engage in conversations with friends.

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United Bar - Da Nang

The concept of United Bar aligns with that of a hidden bar—an establishment deliberately positioned in an inconspicuous location. Such venues, lacking clear signage and often requiring specific information or passwords for entry, have gained popularity among those seeking an element of mystery in their social experiences.

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United Bar - Da Nang
The exquisitely concocted cocktails promise an enchanting and delightful experience for every drinker.

Beyond its intriguing design, United Bar boasts a diverse menu featuring an array of beverages, from sophisticated cocktails to craft beers and wines. Each concoction, a masterpiece of mixology, is named after Vietnamese specialties, adding a layer of local flair to the drinking experience. Names like Banh Mi, Peanut Candy, Chicken Rice, and Purple Sticky Rice Yogurt pique curiosity and beckon patrons to explore the unique flavors.

United Bar - Da Nang
United Bar captivates numerous international guests, inviting them to unravel its enchanting mystery and unparalleled uniqueness.

Hidden bars, a trend embraced by the younger generation, have become a favored rendezvous for couples seeking a discreet and intimate setting. The allure of these establishments lies not only in their concealed locations but also in the captivating atmosphere they provide, making them an enticing choice for social gatherings.

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United Bar - Da Nang
The cozy space of the bar with a dominant orange tone.

As you plan your visit to Da Nang, make sure to include United Bar on your list of intriguing destinations—a place where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary!

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