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Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
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Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know

Welcome to Cu Lao Cham, known for its peaceful island, that's about to steal your heart. This paradise is not just about beautiful beaches; it's a treasure trove of natural beauty, and unforgettable experiences. Now, let's explore on an adventure where richness blends with regional charm as the sun plays hide-and-seek with sparkling waterways. Are you prepared to go on the trip of a lifetime with our Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide? Together, let's discover with Vietravel, Vietnam's Largest Aviation-Tourism Corporation.

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Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know

I. The best time to travel to Cu Lao Cham - When to visit Cu Lao Cham

Located just off the coast of Hoi An in central Vietnam, Cu Lao Cham is an idyllic island known for its rich biodiversity and beautiful beaches. But when's the perfect time to immerse yourself in this natural wonder? Let's dive into the ultimate Cu Lao Cham travel guide to find the best month for your adventure.

The dry season:

From March to August, Cu Lao Cham showcases its finest weather. This is the prime time for sightseeing and engaging in various outdoor activities. The island's top attractions, from coral reefs to historical sites, are at their best during this period. However, be prepared for the influx of tourists, as this is also the peak season.

The rainy season:

Cu Lao Cham experiences heavy rainfall, choppy seas, and occasional storms from September to February. While this may not sound ideal, it offers a unique, quieter experience of the island. The reduced number of visitors means you can enjoy a more intimate connection with the island's nature. Additionally, prices for accommodations and services tend to be lower during this off-peak period. 

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Chance of rain in Hoi An during a year. (Source: Holiday Weather)

However,  we strongly advise against traveling to the island during this time. The East Sea region often experiences rain, storms, and colder weather during these months. Traveling to the island will not be possible as boats are prohibited from operating. Even if you manage to board a boat to the island, it would be very dangerous and carry many risks. Moreover, the rainy and cold weather will hinder your journey to the tourist spots on the island. You might also get stuck and be unable to return to the mainland as planned.

The transition periods:

The months of March and September are particularly special. These times mark the transition between the dry and rainy seasons, providing a mix of pleasant weather and fewer crowds. It's an ideal window to enjoy the island's beauty without the extremes of either season of the central coast of Vietnam.

II. Where are the best places to visit Cu Lao Cham?

Discover the must-see destinations on this enchanting island through Vietravel’s  Cu Lao Cham travel guide. From pristine beaches to historical relics, there's something for everyone.

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Hon Lao

Visiting Hon Lao, the main island of Cu Lao Cham provides a serene escape into nature. Renowned for its lush greenery and tranquil environment, the island offers a perfect retreat for those looking to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can explore its charming fishing villages, interact with the friendly locals, and immerse yourself in the island's unique cultural heritage. The island is also home to several temples and historical sites that add a touch of history to your visit.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
The breathtaking beaches at Hon Lao.

Bai Chong

Bai Chong Beach is the ideal spot for relaxation and water activities. The beach boasts powdery white sands and crystal-clear waters, perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and snorkeling. The serene atmosphere and stunning natural beauty make it a favorite among tourists seeking a peaceful getaway. Whether you're lounging under the palm trees or exploring the underwater world, Bai Chong promises a memorable beach experience.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Bai Chong is extremely beautiful from above.

Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve

Cu Lao Cham Biosphere Reserve is a haven for nature lovers and marine enthusiasts. This UNESCO-recognized reserve is celebrated for its diverse ecosystems, including coral reefs, seagrass beds, and mangroves. Visitors can enjoy snorkeling and diving adventures to witness the vibrant marine life and stunning coral formations. The reserve's rich biodiversity and conservation efforts make it an important site for ecological tourism and environmental education.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Located in the central part of Viet Nam and consists of two core areas: the World Cultural Heritage Site of Hoi An and the Cu Lao Cham archipelago

Bai Huong

Bai Huong, a quaint fishing village on the island, offers a glimpse into the traditional way of life of the island's inhabitants. The village is known for its warm and welcoming community, where you can experience local hospitality and enjoy freshly caught seafood. Exploring Bai Huong provides an authentic cultural experience, as you stroll through the village, visit local markets, and learn about the daily lives of the fishermen and their families.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
The stunning road beside the beach in Cu Lao Cham.

Champa Ancient Well

The Champa Ancient Well is a historical and cultural landmark that dates back to the Champa civilization. This ancient well is still in use today and is considered a vital source of fresh water for the islanders. Visiting the well offers a fascinating insight into the island's history and the ingenuity of the Champa people. The site is surrounded by lush vegetation, creating a peaceful and reflective atmosphere for visitors.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
The Champa Ancient Well was considered the National Heritage on 2006.

III. How to travel to Cu Lao Cham? – Cu Lao Cham travel guide

Wondering how to get to this island paradise? Vietravel got you covered with all the tips and insights from our Cu Lao Cham travel guide.

By Speedboat

The most popular way to reach Cu Lao Cham is by speedboat from Cua Dai Port in Hoi An. The journey takes about 20 minutes and offers a thrilling ride with stunning sea views. Speedboats operate daily, with multiple departures in the morning. The daily departure times for speedboats to Cu Lao Cham are 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM. However, depending on actual conditions, departures may be delayed or canceled. On busy days or during peak tourist season, the departure times for speedboats are often delayed by 30 minutes to an hour to wait for boat consolidation. Nevertheless, such delays are quite rare.

By Wooden Boat

For a more leisurely trip, consider taking a wooden boat. This option takes about 1.5 hours and provides a scenic and relaxing voyage. It's a great way to enjoy the sea breeze and take in the coastal landscapes.

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IV. How to get around Cu Lao Cham? – Cu Lao Cham travel guide

Exploring Cu Lao Cham is a delightful experience, and our guide will help you navigate the island with ease.


Discovering Cu Lao Cham on foot or by bicycle allows you to soak in its natural beauty at a relaxed pace. The island's small size makes it easy to explore its charming villages and scenic trails.You can rent bicycles at the homestay or hotel where you're staying, or you can also go to local residents to rent motorbikes.


Renting a motorbike is a convenient way to get around and visit various sites quickly. Motorbikes are available for rent in Bai Lang village, and they offer the flexibility to explore the island at your own pace. Pay attention to safety when riding a motorbike, and wear a helmet to protect yourself and those around you.


To explore the surrounding smaller islands or hidden beaches, hiring a local boat is the best option. This allows you to reach less accessible areas and enjoy unique experiences such as snorkeling or fishing.

V. What to eat in Cu Lao Cham? – Cu Lao Cham travel guide

Indulge in the island's culinary delights with our Cu Lao Cham travel guide. Here are some must-try dishes that Vietravel, Vietnam's Largest Aviation-Tourism Corporation recommends to you: 

Grilled Lobster

Freshly caught lobster, grilled to perfection and served with a tangy dipping sauce, is a local delicacy you can't miss.

Where to eat:

  • Dan Tri Restaurant - Tan Hiep, Cu Lao Cham
  • Mai Khoa Restaurant - Bai Ong, Cu Lao Cham
Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Fresh lobsters will be served once you arrive in Cu Lao Cha,m

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Pancake)

Banh xeo, a popular Vietnamese savory pancake, has a unique twist on Cu Lao Cham. Here, the batter includes rice flour, water, and turmeric, but the filling often features fresh seafood like shrimp, squid, or fish, caught from the surrounding waters. This gives the pancake a distinctive, fresh taste. Unlike the larger versions found elsewhere, banh xeo on Cu Lao Cham is smaller and bite-sized, making it an ideal snack or appetizer. It is served with local greens and vegetables, alongside the usual herbs, lettuce, and dipping sauce. 

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Banh xeo can also be called a Vietnamese crepe.

This savory pancake, filled with shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts, is a popular dish in Cu Lao Cham. Enjoy it with fresh herbs and a dipping sauce.

Where to eat:

  • Hoi An Muoi Hai Restaurant - 02 Le Van Huu Street

Seaweed Salad

A healthy and refreshing dish, seaweed salad is made from locally harvested seaweed, mixed with herbs, and dressed with a light vinaigrette.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Since seaweed is a rare delicacy here, Vietnamese tourists often buy it to take home as gifts when they visit Cu Lao Cham.

Seafood Hotpot

Experience the flavors of the sea with a seafood hotpot, featuring an array of fresh seafood cooked in a flavorful broth, accompanied by vegetables and noodles.

Cu Lao Cham Travel Guide 2024 - All You Need To Know
Seafood hot pot offers a symphony of tastes and textures.

These dishes showcase the best of Cu Lao Cham's culinary offerings, blending fresh seafood with local ingredients and traditional techniques. Each meal is an opportunity to savor the island's flavors and connect with its culture. As you explore Cu Lao Cham, let your taste buds guide you to discoveries - the island's cuisine is as diverse and captivating as its landscapes, promising a gastronomic adventure to complement your journey.

Where to eat:

  • Dan Tri Restaurant - Tan Hiep, Cu Lao Cham
  • Mai Khoa Restaurant - Bai Ong, Cu Lao Cham

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VI. Conclusion

As we conclude our journey through Cu Lao Cham, it's clear why this hidden gem captures the hearts of all who visit. From your feet touching the powdery white sand to your last bite of delicious local cuisine, Cu Lao Cham weaves its magic around you. As you plan your next getaway, remember this enchanting island - a place where time slows down, worries fade away, and the beauty of Vietnam shines in its purest form. Cu Lao Cham isn't just a destination; it's an invitation to rediscover the joy of travel and the wonders of our natural world.

Don't miss the chance to explore this island paradise! Book your Cu Lao Cham tour with Vietravel today and embark on an unforgettable adventure. With our extensive experience and professional service, Vietravel - Vietnam's Largest Aviation-Tourism Corporation, is committed to providing you with a perfect, safe, and meaningful journey. Contact us now to start your own Cu Lao Cham discovery!

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