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The city has rustic origins and is well-known as the coffee capital of Vietnam. Buon Ma Thuot will enchant you with the wild and bucolic landscapes, impressive waterfalls, and unique flavors of Vietnam's best Robusta coffee. It appeals more and more to travelers of its extraordinarily diverse ethnic minorities. 

The Best Time To Travel To Buon Ma Thuot

Tay Nguyen has two distinct seasons, dry and rainy (from May to November). In the rainy season, roads are quite difficult because many roads are still earth roads. The dry season is usually the first months of the year, the weather is cool, not too hot.

In the Central Highlands, there are many festivals and festivals in the Central Highlands. Ban Don elephant racing festival is held in March every year.

Top Things To Do In Buon Ma Thuot


Dray Sap waterfall is located about 39km from Buon Me Thuot city on the road towards the city. Ho Chi Minh City is the connecting point between the two provinces of Dak Lak and Dak Nong. You can travel by motorbike rented in the city or by car. 

The height of the Dray Sap waterfall is about 20m and the width is quite impressive when it reaches nearly 100m. The majestic stream of water poured down from above forming white water with an impression of smoke. Entering the pristine forest, passing the gorging streams, the convex rocks, and sometimes meeting a waterfall falling from the cliffs makes us very excited.

The deeper you go, the sound of the stream gurgling, the sound of rustling leaves, or the sound of birds singing is replaced by the sound of the powerful pouring water. You will feel the very majestic scenery of the waterfall when going deep inside. 


From the centre of Buon Ma Thuot city. Tourists drive along Highway 14 for about 4km, turn left and go for another 8km until they meet the Y Wang junction. Covering an area of ​​up to 120 hectares (not including the lake surface area). Although it is built with a modern structure, the whole project still bears the national cultural identity with diverse terrain from hillsides, slits, slopes… The point that makes visitors interested is the green space surrounding, the large lake, fresh air, creating an ideal ecological environment.

The interior is divided into many small areas serving all the needs of visitors such as entertainment areas, motels, flower gardens, restaurants, botanical gardens, children’s areas, campsites, and nature reserves. … Every area is conveniently arranged, rich and attractive in the landscape. 


As is one of the beautiful waterfalls on the Serepok river. It is located on the border between the two provinces of Dak Nong and Dak Lak. Gia Long Waterfall is also known as Dray Sap Thuong. The origin of waterfall’s name is derived from the time when King Bao Dai arrived here to travel. Inspired by the natural beauty of the waterfall, he took the name of King Gia Long – the first king of the Nguyen

Dynasty to name this waterfall. 


Not only is known as the new eco-tourism area of ​​Dak Lak province. But Troh Bu is also known as the most beautiful landscape garden in the Central Highlands. 

Located in Buon Nieng 3, Ea Neurol commune, Buon Don district, only about 13 kilometers west of

Buon Me Thuot center. Because of the natural landscape filled with trees and cool streams. Troh Bu eco-tourism area was born. Troh Bu’s main goal is to preserve the natural forest orchids, as well as some other rare plant species in the Vietnamese highlands.

Although it is a privately owned botanical garden, people have taken great efforts in

recreating the old forest environment and landscape for this place.


Also known as the Museum of Ethnic Culture in the Central Highlands. Built on the main Bao Dai Palace – a historical relic of Dak Lak. The museum has about 1,000 artifacts and images, organized into 3 main exhibition spaces (biodiversity, ethnic culture, and history). This is a cultural architecture built in a modern style combined with special ethnic cultural traditions. 

Dak Lak Museum is also one of the pioneering museums in the use of indigenous languages ​​on display. Follow the winding roads, the stone steps. You can go along the flow of the Virgin waterfall to see the blue-green landscape here.

After getting tired, visitors can take a break in the lovely leaf huts to mingle with nature, plants, and

cool water. Virgin Falls is simply rapid. In the dry season, the waterfall seems to be nestled on the rugged rock steps to wait for the rain to come, the water is pouring down, wild and extremely intense. All bring to Virgin Waterfall a wild beauty that captivates human hearts.

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