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Lang Son Geopark Reveals Earth's Secrets in Vietnam's Mystical Landscapes
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Lang Son Geopark Reveals Earth's Secrets in Vietnam's Mystical Landscapes

Northeast Vietnam's mountainous terrain is home to the hidden jewel, the Lang Son Geopark, which spans an expansive 4,849 km². Its many landscapes offer a striking testimony to almost 500 million years of evolutionary adventure.

With unique customs and traditions practiced by each community, the Geopark is a lively mosaic of ethnic variety. UNESCO has recognized Mother Goddess devotion as a core component of the spiritual life of the Geopark. The beautiful blend of spiritual traditions, cultural variety, and natural history makes the Lang Son Geopark a very alluring place to visit. It is seen as an instance of sustainable development and a celebration of the life force of culture and environment.

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The tourist routes and destinations within Lang Son Geopark are being developed around the theme "The Flow of Life in the Sacred Land." This integration showcases the continuous evolutionary history of life, the worship of Mother Goddess Tam Phu, distinctive cultural heritages, and stunning natural landscapes. Travelers may travel conveniently and have intriguing experiences by National Highways on their journey to explore these tourist destinations.

Lang Son Geopark
Bac Son Valley (Photo: Traveloka)

Discovering the Upper Mountain Realm is a journey associated with the green garments worn by the Upper Mountain's Holy Mother. This trip itinerary covers around 120 kilometers and contains 8 sites of interest. It begins in the Huu Lung District's Bac Le Temple, one of the most well-known Vietnamese Mother Goddess devotion locations. Visitor attractions along the route include the limestone valley, the scenic Dong Lam Fairy Valley, the ancient Chi Lang Pass, the peaceful Tay homestay villages in Huu Lien Commune, and evidence of continental volcanic eruptions.

At Lang Son Geopark, the journey to the Heavenly Realm is a tour associated with the red attire of the Holy Mother Lieu Hanh, featuring 11 points of interest and covering a distance of approximately 130 km. It begins at the Huu Nghi International Border Gate, passing through the Mau Temple in Dong Dang and various sites along the National Highway towards the revolutionary homeland of heroic Bac Son. Notable landmarks include Khanh Khe Bridge, the star anise forests of Xu Lang, Tham Khuyen and Tham Hai caves, the underground river at the Mo Mam Stream ecological tourism site, the Khoii Noi Sea Memory where the first Viet Minh Resistance Unit of the Vietnam People's Army was established, the unique Hang Hu Mandarin Gardens, and the Bac Son Uprising Museum.

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These sites are intertwined with geological heritage values, the exemplary evolution of human life, and the oldest prehistoric remains in Vietnam dating back 475,000 years, from the Bac Son culture to the peaceful revolutionary homeland, located in golden rice valleys, creating a fascinating sightseeing journey.

Lang Son Geopark Reveals Earth's Secrets in Vietnam's Mystical Landscapes
Quynh Son Village (Photo: Quynh Cultural Village)

Within Lang Son Geopark, the distinctive yellow of the Mother of the Earth is linked to the Rustic Life on Earth tour. This journey, which begins in the Bac Son District and travels around 130 kilometers, comprises nine items of interest. Visitors can greet the sunrise in the cultural Tay village of Quynh Son, experience traditional handmade yin-yang tile making, and enjoy the endless green star anise forests of Van Quan. The tour also features karst landscapes in limestone valleys, the sacred Chau Muoi Temple located in the mountains, the traditional Van Linh dried noodle craft of the Nung ethnic group, viewing nearly 400-million-year-old Devonian marine fossils or Chi Lang District's ammonite fossils, and conquering the magnificent Hang Gio cave.

Exploring the Aquarium Realm, associated with the white attire of the Holy Mother of Waters, includes 10 points of interest over approximately 80 km. The journey begins at Tam Thanh Pagoda and follows the National Highway towards Loc Binh. It passes the ancient and solemn Bac Nga Pagoda and continues to the Mau Son Mountains, shrouded in clouds and cool year-round. Visitors can enjoy a panoramic view from the observatory of the Na Duong basin, referred to as the "window to the ancient world," where numerous fossils dating back around 40 million years have been discovered, making it an important site for research and exploration. The Lang Son Geopark tour includes stops at Ban Khieng Waterfall, Tien Pagoda, and the sacred Mau Thoai Temple.

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