Kien Trung Palace unveils its splendors for Tet after five years of restoration

Kien Trung Palace unveils its splendors for Tet after five years of restoration
Elly Huynh
Kien Trung Palace unveils its splendors for Tet after five years of restoration

Prepare to be enchanted as the iconic Kien Trung Palace, nestled within the historic Hue Imperial Citadel, unveils its grandeur just in time for the Lunar New Year festivities. Emerging from five years of meticulous restoration and upgrade, this palace, constructed between 1921 and 1923 under the reign of King Khai Dinh, is a testament to the bygone era of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Once the living and working space of Bao Dai, the last king of the Nguyen Dynasty, Kien Trung Palace is a harmonious blend of traditional Vietnamese, French, and Italian Renaissance architectural styles. It stands as a symbol of Vietnam's embrace of Western influences during a pivotal period in its history.

Kien Trung Palace
Image of Kien Trung Palace in the 1920s.

Although it was destroyed during the ravages of war in 1947, the palace has risen like a phoenix, with its foundation intact and its soul reinvigorated by a painstaking restoration process. Now, as its doors swing open during the Lunar New Year, visitors can step back in time and witness the opulence that once graced these regal halls.

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Kien Trung Palace
The intricately carved ancient patterns are still preserved to this day.

The restoration effort is part of the ongoing commitment to preserving the cultural heritage of the Complex of Hue Monuments, recognized by UNESCO since 1993. As Thua Thien-Hue proudly boasts the title of the only province in Vietnam and Southeast Asia home to five UNESCO-recognized cultural heritages, the reopening of Kien Trung Palace is a momentous occasion, inviting all to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Vietnam's royal legacy.

Kien Trung Palace
A reconstructed photo of Kien Trung Palace in the Forbidden City in Hue. Photo: Hue Monuments Conservation Center

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