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Non-alcohol Drinks



  • Egg coffee

    This much-loved newbie is becoming very popular among the Hanoi youth. Egg yolk is whipped with sugar until it gets foamy then poured over a little coffee in a cup. Served hot or with ice. Many of my customers said it’s super creamy, tastes a bit like caramel and chocolate (but nothing like egg!!!), and in brief, YUMMY!


  • Hoa qua dam

    This chunky blend of fresh tropical fruit in a cup is the perfect local treat when the heat of Vietnamese summer starts to wear you down. It could be considered a healthy alternative to ice cream -- if you stick to the shaved ice variation -- but for the full experience it’s best had with diabetes-inducing condensed milk mixed in.

  • Smoothies

    Smoothie is another popular and widely available option when you are thirsty. Because Vietnam is a tropical country, there are plenty kinds of exotic fruits, some of which you may never try before. A smoothie is popular due to its good effects on people’s health, especially the skin. Unlike smoothies made in foreign countries, in Vietnam, fruits are blended with condensed milk. That’s why it may taste sweeter and richer than usual but more addictive, for sure.
  • Tra Atisô (Artichoke Tea)

    The go-to drink for hungover Vietnamese men, trà atisô is believed to have liver-cleansing and detoxifying properties. There are two versions of the tea, which is usually served with ice—the sweetened yellowish version made from the artichoke flower and the intensely bitter black version made from the artichoke stems. My advice is to avoid the black tea and go for the sweetened version, which has a delicate nutty flavor. Artichokes are grown in Dalat in ...


  • Kem flan (Vietnamese Crème Flan)

    One of the specialty desserts was Flan which is a delicious custard dessert inherited from French colonialism.  It has I love the delicate, beautiful amber color and its smooth, velvety texture. The cold of shaved ice reduces the sweetness of the flan's caramel, maintains it's texture and keeps it nice and cool.

  • Longan and Lotus Seed

    Longan and Lotus Seed is a dessert is worthy of the royal family. Among the kings’ personal picks would be lotus seed longan. The longan that is used for the king’s dinner comes specifically from the town of Hien in Hung Yen province, which has a distinctive and elegant aroma, a thick, juicy and firm meat that is often sweeter than any other elsewhere. The longan is still highly sought after today and commands a premium ...

  • Nuoc Mia (Sugarcane Juice)

    Sugar-cane juice is a type of drink commonly found in Vietnam as a refreshing drink during the hot Vietnamese climate. In the hot weather like Vietnam, people know sugar-cane juice as a natural beverage that is delicious and cheap, considered the second best drink in the world after the orange juice. Therefore, sugar-cane juice is so popular in Vietnam and is available at most small street stalls, often sold alongside other popular beverages. The juice is served from ...

  • Soda Chanh (Lime Soda)

    Soda chanh hits the spot on a steamy day: essentially, it's a fizzy homemade limeade that's usually served partially prepared. You're served a glass full of ice with sugar and sometimes lime juice in the bottom, with the can of club soda on the side. Sometimes you're given a glass of ice and sugar and a little dish of lime wedges so you can squeeze your own juice into the glass. I order soda chanh "không đường" (no sugar) or "ít đường" (a little sugar) ...

  • Tau hu (Douhua)

    In Vietnam, it is known as tàu hũ nước đường, tàu hũ hoa or tào phớ, đậu hủ, tàu hủ. It varies in three regions in Vietnam: Northern region- it is served with sugar, cactus seeds. It is enjoyed as warm in winter and cold with ice in summer. Central region- it is cooked with spicy ginger. Sugar is added. Douhua pieces are usually unshaped because of their softness. Southern region- ...


  • Ca Phe Sua Da Phin (Iced Drip Coffee with Milk)

    It would be a great mistake if one does not mention coffee when talking about local drinks in Vietnam. Vietnamese people often drink coffee to start a new day before going to work. They can either drink it at home (home-made coffee) or at the coffee shop or even on the streets. Coffee shop in Vietnam varies from designs, architecture to pricing. Coffee from street vendors (again?!) is the most affordable one. Is there anything better than sitting in a relaxing environment, ...

  • Che bap (Corn and Tapioca Pudding with Coconut Milk)

    One of the other mainstays of summer for me is che bap (Vietnamese dessert soup with corn and tapioca pearls). Che is a catch-all word to describe Vietnamese dessert soup. It can be eaten as a snack at any hour of the day, not necessarily as a dessert, served warm or cold. It can be made with anything from corn to bananas to seaweed to beans. While you can get che bap at any time of the year, summer's bounty of fresh corn on the cob makes this an even fresher treat. I like ...

  • Che sam bo luong

    This dessert can be served in a glass. It includes pearl barley, sea weed, mung bean, lotus seeds, dried longan. It will more delicious when adding more ice. Moreover, as you can see, it is not only fresh, but also really good for health with many good ingredients like apple, mung bean, lotus, sea weed.

  • Che Troi Nuoc (Dough Balls in Ginger Syrup)

    Chè trôi nước (or sometimes is called Chè xôi nước) is a Vietnamese dessert consisting of balls made from mung bean paste wrapped in a shell made of glutinous rice flour. The balls are served in a thick, sweet clear or brown liquid made of water, sugar, and grated ginger root. It is generally warmed before eating and garnished with sesame seeds.
    Two Northern Vietnamese desserts, bánh trôi (also called bánh trôi nước) and bánh chay, are similar to chè trôi nước (the ...

  • Chuoi nep nuong (grilled sticky banana)

    Chuoi nep nuong is a food between the meal of the Southern Vietnam, esp. in Mekong Delata. It combines the sweetness of tropical fruit - banana, the buttery taste of glutinous rice and flat flavour of coconut together with roasted peanuts, which makes a unique and delicious grilled sticky babana.