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Alcohol Drinks



  • Bia hoi (draught beer)

    Bia hơi are available throughout Vietnam. It is mostly to be found in small bars and on street corners. The beer is brewed daily, then matured for a short period and once ready each bar gets a fresh batch delivered every day in plastic jugs. It is a very light (~3% alcohol) refreshing lager at a fraction of the cost of draft or bottled beer in the Western-style bars. It is the most budget-friendly brew on the planet. 

  • Com Ruou (Fermented Rice Wine)

    The tricky part about making this desert is figuring out the right ratio of yeast to rice. Too much or too little yeast can result in mold growing on the rice. The bottom line is you’re making wine, thus everything should be clean, dry, and accurately measured.


  • Medicine Wine

    Medicine wine is a potent form of distilled rice alcohol infused with herbs, fruits, spices, and wild animals like snakes, geckos, and seahorses. Many endangered species are poached for use in medicine wine, including bears for their bile, and dear for anlers, hooves, and fetuses. Some herbal varieties are indeed tasty and may have health benefits derived from traditional Chinese medicine. Some find others taste horrid and most certainly provide only ...

  • Ruou can (tube wine)

    Rượu cần (literally "stem wine" or "tube wine") is a fermented rice wine produced in Vietnam, especially in mountainous areas like Tây Nguyên or Tây Bắc. It is made of cooked glutinous rice (nếp) mixed with several kinds of herbs (including leaves and roots) in the local forests. Often two or more people will drink together from the same jug communally, each using a separate tube. Rượu cần is typically drunk for special occasions by a fire or in a nhà rông, or ...

  • Vang Da Lat (Da Lat wine)

    Dalat wine (also called Vang Dalat) is one of Dalat’s specialities.You will be felt yourself with tasting Dalat red wine side by side your collegues, your family or your lover in the evening of Dalat. Dalat Wine is made from grapes using advanced European technology. It follows the best fermenting process without using any kinds of chemical substances and follows trade secrets to create a wine with a unique flavour and high stability. There are many kinds of wines namely ...


  • Go Den wine

    Go Den wine is a kind of white wine, which is made of rice with traditional processing method, alcohol concentration is quite high, sometimes it reach to 50o , this famous national wine of Viet Nam is made in Go Den, Ben Luc, Long An Province. This is a specialty of Long An and even Cuu Long Delta River provinces and it could be made of many kind of sticky rice like Nep Mo, Nep Than or Nep gao.

  • Phu Le Wine in Ben Tre

    Phu Le is an agricultural village in Ba Tri district, Ben Tre province. Phu Le has a rich soil base and mild people. Phu Le wine carries a taste of Mekong Delta which is deep and wild as the wind of South Vietnam. Phu Le wine is said to be a swashbuckler, which is used for feast. Phu Le is only made from Ba Tri’s glutinous rice and well water. There are three reasons for the tasty of Phu Le’s wine: water, Phu Le glutinous rice, and the ...

  • Ruou de

    Rượu đế is a distilled liquor from Vietnam, made of either glutinous or non-glutinous rice. It was formerly made illegally and is thus similar to moonshine. It is most typical of the Mekong Delta region of southwestern Vietnam (its equivalent in northern Vietnam is called rượu quốc lủi). Its strength varies, but is typically 40 percent alcohol by volume. It is usually clear, and a bit cloudy in appearance. In some parts of Vietnam it is commercially available in bottles. It ...

  • Ruou Nep Cam (Sticky Rice Wine)

    Sticky rice wine (rượu nếp cẩm) is smoother and sweeter than the regular rice wine, which can be quite fiery. Neither should be confused with rượu thuốc, "medicine wine," which is rice wine bottled with medicinal items which run the gamut from whole cobras, cuckoos, and seahorses to vegetarian options containing only herbs.

  • Ruou ran (Snake wine)

    Snake Wine is an alcoholic beverage that can be found at Snake Village near Hanoi, any major city of Vietnam as well as other countries across South East Asia. The snakes are immersed in 100% rice wine in special glass bottles and then, they are sealed and stored in a cellar for five years. The wines which contain substances necessary for the human body are high quality tonics. Regularly drinking appropriate quantities of the wines can moisturize your skin, improve your ...


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